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Graciela Farias announces bid for re-election to STC board

Graciela “Gracie” Farias is seeking re-election to her position as trustee on the South Texas College (STC) board, a capacity she has served in for six years. Early voting will be from April 23 to May 1, and the election is May 5. The area she represents runs west of Conway Avenue in Mission to Sullivan City.

According to the press release announcing her candidacy, Farias expressed here qualification to serve comes from her “educational background, experiences, and has demonstrated the leadership skills necessary to serve as an STC board member.”

Farias GracielaAs a lifelong educator, Farias said she “sincerely believes an education is the pathway to a better life for students and for the improvement of the community.”
She graduated with honors from both La Joya High School and Pan American College, where she obtained her bachelor’s and master’s degrees. She worked for 27 years in the McAllen Independent School District as a teacher and central office (K-12) administrator in reading and language arts.

She stated she was responsible for curriculum development and delivering staff development for teachers. She also organized and implemented a Valley reading conference for 14 years with over 500 teachers from across the Valley participating.

After leaving McAllen, Farias said she went on to join a major publishing company for nine years where she continued to learn about teaching and continued to provide professional development for teachers throughout the United States. She now works for the same company on a part-time basis.

Farias said she “enjoys learning and sharing with teachers her numerous experiences in the area of education.”

In her list of accomplishments on the board, said she takes the role seriously, dedicating the time to prepare for meetings to “make intelligent decisions that ultimately impact student learning.” She felt that work has been demonstrated bond issue passing for the growth of STC buildings across Hidalgo and Starr counties.

As an STC board member, Farias has also been the presenter at national conferences where she shares the programs available at STC.

She has lived in La Joya for over 50 years and is married to Rodolfo (Fito) Farias. They have four daughters – Natalia de la Garza, Norma Escamilla, Lynda Farias and Laura (Ludy) Garcia.

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