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TCF Fun Fair Carnival location determined at Mission P&Z Commission meeting

The Mission Planning and Zoning Commission met briefly Wednesday evening to discuss a few public hearings that will be presented at the next city council meeting.

One of the items – in which no action was taken by the commission as recommended by the Planning and Zoning Director Jaime Acevedo and city staff – had to do with the location of the annual carnival presented by the Texas Citrus Fiesta. The carnival is set to run from Jan. 13 through 26.

Originally, the 2020 TCF Carnival was going to be held at 200 N. Shary Rd in Lots 1, 2, 4, 6 and 7 of the Mission Economic Development Corporation Subdivision. It was held there last year, taking up space near the Mission Event Center.

Acevedo noted in his presentation that TCF organizers found an alternate location: the site where the carnival has been traditionally held before the advent of the Mission Event Center. The Planning Department recommended taking no action, as the revised location will be brought up at the next P&Z Commission meeting (while the carnival is already in full swing).

“The organizers are going to be making contact with the property owners, alerting them that they’re going to be having this carnival the next few days,” Acevedo said. “We’ve seen this in the past, 

TCF Director Lisa Rivera was not aware that an item regarding the carnival was being brought up for discussion or consideration, and found out about it just that day. Rivera did, however, confirm the securing of the final carnival location to city staff prior to the P&Z meeting.

“I called Planning and asked what is it I have to do to be able to switch locations,” Rivera said. “They’re [the carnival] are coming in soon, so what do I have to do.”

Acevedo got back to Rivera and told her they needed two weeks to send notices to the surrounding area.

“He said ‘we’ll see how we can help you with it,’” Rivera said. “I said, okay.”

Notices have been sent out to residences in surrounding lots that may be impacted by the presence of a 13-day carnival. Rivera was also given a list of nearby businesses so that she and TCF organizers could get signatures approving the new carnival location, which she said they have done.

“It was only a handful of property owners that were going to be affected,” Acevedo said. “Being that there were no incidents in the past, the organizers of the Citrus Fiesta are going to be making some visits to some property owners within 200 feet letting them know their actions.”

“They’re going to be at the location where the old Carl’s building was at – between the old Carl’s building and the Wells Fargo bank,” Acevedo said on the Mission stopping point for the carnival. “Which is typically where they used to have it in the past.”

The developer of the land on 200 N. Shary, where the carnival was originally going to be held, might have faced opposition from the House Wine Group, who sold the property to the city. Representatives from the group were expected to show up to the meeting, but no one attended.

“They didn’t want the carnival to take place at that location,” Acevedo said. “I had a whole entire presentation to see what their reasoning was with not allowing the city to have a carnival on city-owned property.”

Acevedo and Rivera were glad that festivities could continue without this aspect being an issue.

“I think it’s a win-win for everybody,” Acevedo said. “Everybody’s kind of used to having the carnival on Conway and 495, and there were also issues with the Mission Event Center having some events scheduled for the month of January, and last year when they had the carnival there they took a good chunk of the parking space.”

The item will be introduced again at the next P&Z Commission meeting, and potentially brought to city council for the Jan. 27 scheduled meeting.

This article originally appeared in the Friday Jan. 10, 2020 issue of the Progress Times.

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