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Mission CISD families first in state to receive Meals-To-You shipments

Mission CISD families have received the first shipments of food from the national Meals-To-You program where families enrolled in the program receive shipments containing 10 meals a week for each child in the household.

These families are the first in the state to start receiving their meals for students, according to a news release from the school district.

“It was such a hard decision when we had to suspend our grab and go meals distribution to students,” Mission Superintendent Dr. Carol G. Perez said. “We know so many of our families depend upon our meal services. So when we heard about the emergency Meals-To-You opportunity shortly after we suspended our services, we immediately began the application process with the hopes this would come through for our families.”

All foods sent by the Meals-To-You program are shelf stable, which means parents don’t have to worry about them expiring anytime soon and are delivered for free directly to the families, the release stated.

Dr. Perez said the district was able to complete the enrollment verification process for 10,581 district students and about 1,200 children ages 12 months to 3 years of age. 800 parents declined the meals. The release said the district was not able to complete the process for some students even after numerous phone calls were unanswered within the tight deadline the district had with the Meals-To-You program application. 

“It is our hope that we will get another enrollment window of opportunity from the Meals-To-You program administrators that will allow more of our families to possibly benefit from the program,” Perez added. “We know there is still a need there and we are continuing to look for other programs that may be able to offer some assistance.”

Officials at Baylor University indicated that Mission CISD was the first of 40 districts in the state to get an application submitted to the program, approved by the program, and now deliveries of the food to families. They indicate about a quarter of the Texas districts that have applications in process are from the Region One Education Service Center area, the release stated. 

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