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Locally owned tire shop celebrates one-year anniversary with grand opening

By Laura Juarez

A family-owned local business from Palmhurst opened during the beginning of the pandemic just had their grand opening. All Valley Tires and Wheels just celebrated their one year anniversary with an official Grand Opening event on January 27th at 3 p.m. They are located in Palmhurst at 4109 N. Conway Ave. 

All Valley Tires and Wheels in Palmhurst celebrating their one-year anniversary with a red-ribbon cutting Wednesday, Jan. 27, 2020. Progress Times photo by Laura Juarez.

Rebecca Cruz, who owns the shop with her husband, takes pride in running the small tire shop which has had quite an unpredictable first year in business. 

“We decided to settle here because it is a small community and we feel like there is a need here for something like a tire shop,” Cruz said. 

“We have our clientele,” Cruz said. “My husband has been in business for 23 years, and no matter where we’re at, I feel they will follow. Because of our prices, we’re trustworthy. You’re always going to have quality work here, we’re not here to take away anybody’s money, rather than just help.”

Small business owners around the nation have been hit hard by the economic effects of the coronavirus pandemic. Despite the ups and downs 2020 brought, this small business worked hard each day to serve their community and take care of their customers’ automobile needs. 

“As we went on through the year, we never closed our doors,” Cruz said. “You know, we’re essential, so that kind of helped us make it through the year. We are needed in the community, people still need to get to work regardless of things shutting down. I’m so thankful that we made it through. We made it through the worst part, and now we’re here to continue for many more years, God willing.” 

“We strive to be even busier than we were last year,” Cruz said. “We were busy, but we want to be super busy. We want to occupy all the buildings and space here. That is our goal as business owners, is to continue to grow.”

Palmhurst mayor Ramiro Rodriguez reminds citizens to support small businesses when they can, while maintaining proper social distancing and safety guidelines. 

“We’re all doing our social distancing, we have our COVID taskforce with the police department where they’re doing inspections. So we’re real happy, it’s exciting to see this. It’s important to us,” Rodriguez said. 

“Any of the money the community spends here goes directly to the city since we don’t have a property tax,” Rodriguez said. “Our sidewalks, any improvements we do, all goes to the city, so they reap the rewards. That’s what we’re here to do, to serve them. So the money spent here stays here, that’s what we like.” 

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