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Edinburg welcomes new council members, municipal judge

Wednesday evening, citizens filled the Edinburg City Hall to witness the swearing-in of council members and their municipal judge.

David Salazar Jr., taking Council Place 3, was the first to swear into his municipal duties. He thanked God and his family’s support in his opening speech.

“Without these key individuals, having your support and being your backbone, things are almost impossible. So I want to thank them for everything they’ve done,” he said. “But I also want to thank the community and friends of Edinburgh for trusting and supporting me throughout this whole journey.”

In 2018, Salazar ran for Hidalgo County Treasurer but lost. However, he now sees that loss as a blessing.

“Things did not go as expected,” said Salazar, realizing that God would give him a new path. “The position of City Council Place 3 came up, and after much prayers and thought and talking to my family, we decided to announce my candidacy.”

He then turned the spotlight to former Councilman Johnny Garcia, who sat in the audience.

“For the last four years,  you have given to the city. We talk about a lot of what happens in the city and what you do. The history that’s behind it,” said Salazar. “And you will always be part of  Edinburg in my eyes.”

David White took oath for Council Place 4 and credited his wife and children for supporting him. He also expressed gratitude to the city since moving 30 years ago.

“It’s a city in my heart. It’s a city where my kids graduated school, where my wife taught school,” said White. “This is my community. It’s a community we learn to love.”

For White, being part of the city council is a continual stepping stone for Edinburg.

“It’s a next step, just a different position,” he said. “This win speaks a lot for my community.”

White also spoke on transparency with city members.

“I live by the philosophy, ‘everybody deserves an answer,” he said. “If you ask us about what’s going on in the city, you deserve an answer. You may not like the answer, you may love the answer, but you deserve an answer. And that’s what you’re continuing to get from me. If I can’t find it myself, I’ll get somebody who can.”

Lastly, Judge Hector Bustos Jr. became Edinburg’s Municipal Court Judge.

“Everybody here has helped me get to where I need to get to in my life,” Bustos said. “We’re all community. We’re here to build together, to leave this place a better place.”

For the next four years. Bustos hopes that he can put the city’s court on the map.

“We’re a great city, and I think the rest of the state of Texas needs to hear about us,” he said. “We can be the trendsetters and the frontrunners of new innovative ideas.”

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