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La Joya ISD hires chief of staff

La Joya Independent School District’s superintendent announced at Wednesday’s board meeting that she’s hired a chief of staff.

Superintendent Marcey Sorensen says Joseph Niedziela will start in that role on April 2.

La Joya ISD doesn’t presently have a chief of staff on the payroll and it’s not clear that it’s ever had one.

The position may also be unique among Rio Grande Valley school districts.

Local districts do, however, sometimes employ a deputy superintendent to serve in a second-in-command capacity.

Under La Joya ISD’s current administrative organization, three area superintendents and a chief financial officer report to Sorensen. They’re more or less the district’s top brass.

Sorensen didn’t elaborate on Niedziela’s roles or responsibilities Wednesday.

Niedziela is leaving a position as Fort Worth ISD’s K-12 humanities director to join La Joya ISD.

Sorensen previously worked as an administrator for that district.

Niedziela wasn’t present for Wednesday’s meeting, Sorensen said, because he’s getting ready to move to the Rio Grande Valley.

She said Niedziela is a Marine Corps veteran with two decades of educational experience, describing him as “honored and humbled to join the La Joya ISD family.”

“His leadership has a strong track record of lowering access barriers for students, improving student achievement outcomes and strengthening organizational capacity to better support campuses and stakeholders,” Sorensen said.

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  1. Pancho on April 4, 2024 at 7:15 pm

    Well,we are going back to the same old way, hire there friends with over 100k salary, she is taking 400k taxpayer dollars and now she is doing worse than previous board members. She goes against people that serve the community like mayors and city leaders, she even accuse them of being on the clock, when is not true. TEA WAS A BAD MOVE

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