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Mission city council discusses plans for the future

Leaders at the city of Mission met twice this week, once for a workshop and once for a city council retreat.

The workshop, held on Mon. Nov. 16, was held to discuss the certificates of obligation for the city of Mission. City Manager Randy Perez said their priority is the drainage projects and street improvements currently underway.

Perez also gave the council the option to include other streets they have received calls about that were not necessarily on the priority one list. Council wanted to look at drainage and streets at the same time because their upkeep and maintenance typically rely on each other and go together.

After asking about a couple of specific projects, council member Norie Gonzalez Garza asked how much of the annual budget is allocated to raw materials for streets. Perez said they budget $500,000 for streets, and the last two years those funds have gone toward street overlay projects.

Council also asked City Engineer J.P. Terrazas and Ponciano Longoria, with the TEDSI Infrastructure Group, questions on the current projects and how drainage and street issues are connected.

The retreat, held at the Mission Event Center on Tues. Nov. 17, was an all-day special called meeting in which council was presented with all the facets of running the city government. It included presentations from Allison Bastian Rodriguez and Rebecca Hayward from Denton Navarro Rocha Bernal & Zech, P.C., Martha Valdez and City Manager Randy Perez.

The presentations and discussions focused on the charter, the Texas Open Meetings Act, the Public Information Act, city council priorities, team building, legislative agenda, city projects, financing city projects and a potential bond election. As council discussed, the public was able to join the meeting at any point via the Zoom link on the agenda.

At various points, when the question of legal issues was brought up outside of the presentation setting, council convened in executive sessions. Council also discussed how they can better streamline their meetings while still giving the public fair opportunities to participate, and mulled over possibilities like starting their regular meetings one hour earlier and putting more items in the consent agenda.

Decisions on some of the items discussed, like the Madero Bridge project and the potential bond election, will be voted on in coming city council meetings.


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