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McAllen mulls name change for Palm View Golf Course

The McAllen City Commission may change the name of the Palm View Golf Course to avoid confusion with the nearby city of Palmview.

While the golf course is located on South Ware Road — miles away from Palmview — the name occasionally confuses business travelers, Winter Texans and other people unfamiliar with the area.

“No formal action has been taken yet on what name we’re going to use, but we’ve been given direction,” said city Director of Golf Carlos Espinosa. “And it seems like everyone is leaning on the name ‘Champion’ or ‘Champions.’”

Mayor Javier Villalobos and the City Commission discussed the name change during workshops in July and October.

“I think we’re overdue as far as renaming it. It’s not a possibility. I think it’s a necessity,” Villalobos said on July 26, when the City Commission discussed the name change. “Even I think about it in Palmview.”

The extent of the confusion, though, remains unclear.

People do contact Palmview about the golf course, said Palmview City Manager Michael Leo, but it’s relatively infrequent.

“Every now and then we would get phone calls,” Leo said.

Espinosa, who started working for the city of McAllen in 1999, said the name had always confused people unfamiliar with the golf course.

“However, in recent years, more and more people are connecting us to the city of Palmview,” Espinosa said.

Even local politicians occasionally experience problems when they host fundraisers at the Palm View Golf Course, said City Commissioner Tania Ramirez.

“To be honest, yeah, a lot of people do get confused of; if it’s in Palmview or it’s in McAllen,” Ramirez said on July 26.

Espinosa presented the City Commission with 48 potential names that incorporated the words Palm, Monarch, Lake, Wind, Champions, Green Jay, Pelican, Duck, Dove and Escondido.

After discussing them with frequent customers and the Golf Course Advisory board, Espinosa returned Monday with five suggestions: Champions Lakes, Champions Crossing, Escondido Lakes, Escondido Crossing and Lake View.

To make it clear the golf course is located in McAllen, the City Commission could add “at McAllen” or “McAllen’s” to the suggested names, according to a memo Espinosa wrote to McAllen City Manager Roy Rodriguez.

Villalobos suggested Escondido Golf Course. City Commissioner Seby Haddad, however, said he wasn’t a fan of Escondido.

“I don’t want it to sound like a subdivision,” Haddad said.

The names of at least 26 subdivisions in Hidalgo County contain the word “Escondido,” according to Hidalgo County Appraisal District records. At least 50 more contain the word “Crossing.” Just two contain the word “Champion.”

Members of the City Commission seemed to settle on Champion or Champions, but they didn’t nail down the name.

“Champions elevates the expectation of the type of course that you’re playing,” Haddad said.

In an interview, Espinosa said Champion or Champions would be fitting.

Among other competitions, the golf course hosts the annual McAllen Amateur Golf Championship and regional University Interscholastic League tournaments. In the past, Palm View Golf Course also hosted the LPGA developmental tour.

The City Commission may vote on the name during the next meeting, which is scheduled for Oct. 25.

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