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Freelance landscaping application launches in Mission

This article was originally published in the Sept. 15 issue of the Progress Times.

For Mission homeowners eager for same-day lawn care comes Green Pal, a freelance app designed to provide lawn care services at the click of a button. Launched at the start of September, co-founder Gene Caballero talked about the app’s expansion in the Rio Grande Valley.

First founded in 2012, Green Pal began as a service aimed at the landscaping market and found inspiration through leading applications such as Uber, Lyft, and Airbnb.

“I’ve been in the landscaping industry my entire life,” Caballero said. The then college student observed a need from homeowners: professional lawn care. Working in the tech industry out of college on the West Coast, Caballero was privy to how freelance apps were rising.

“That’s how the concept of Green Pal came about,” Caballero said.

With CEO Bryan Clayton, CTO Zach Hendrix and COO Caballero, Green Pal became an online network between consumers and landscapers.

The Tennessee-based app, which generated up to $5 Million in revenue in 2017, began as a website. For Caballero, convenience and quick interaction became the focus of creating a mobile app designed and engineered by Hendrix.

Your Green Pal is a free-to-use app with a user-friendly interface. 

The Green Pal app sign up page. Photo Courtesy of Green Pal.

“Homeowners looking for lawn care will…enter in the address of the property they want serviced, and also the day they want it done,” he said. “The [landscape] bidders bid on the property based on the Google aerial view, the Google street view, and the square footage of the property.”

Homeowners can request a quote from a list of landscapers and decide if they want to move forward with services. Homeowners can also view reviews from previous customers alongside photo examples of past work.

“The homeowner has total control,” said Caballero. “They get to see all the bids from all the local vendors.”

It is not the first time this app has launched in the RGV, as it opened its market in McAllen in 2021. Caballero explained the company’s decision behind the expansion from McAllen to Mission.

“Texas is our biggest space that we’re in volume-wise,” said the COO. “What we saw is that we saw the organic homeowners sign up and the organic vendors sign up, and that happened in Mission.”

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