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Peñitas flower shop owner arrested on credit card abuse

Rossy Floreria owner Rosa Maria Barrera was arrested at her home Monday morning following allegations of credit card abuse in October.

The Peñitas Police Department said the incident began after the victim, Mrs. Treviño, made a $238.14 purchase via phone on October 23, 2023. According to the police report, a female attendant told Treviño she would receive a receipt on her cellphone after the transaction.

It never came, even when she called for confirmation a second time.

“Mrs. Treviño said she did not check the bank statement until later and realized several transactions had been made without her permission from Rossy Floreria,” said the report.

In the bank statements provided, 31 transactions occurred. Thirty of those transactions, made without permission, totaling $58,323.56.

“Mrs. Treviño mentioned she always makes purchases from the owner of Rossy Floreria, but she was not sure if she was the person that answered the phone the day she made the purchase,” the report said.

If Barrera is convicted and held responsible, she may face up to $10,000 in fines and incarceration for 180 days minimum to ten years maximum.

City administration has pulled the business permits and the business remains closed to the public until further notice.


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