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Palmview greenlights Agua SUD

A water study following a joint resolution between Palmview and Agua Special Utility District could determine more suitable water services for residents in and outside city limits.

Tuesday, following an executive session, the city of Palmview moved forward with conducting a water study of the percentage of the Certificate of Convenience and Necessity and how much infrastructure would cost.

“Us and Agua have had these discussions,” Mayor Ricardo Villarreal said. “It’s been a process we’re trying to work through.”

Three weeks ago, according to Villarreal, the city and Agua SUD Palmview Committee casually discussed moving forward with services currently provided to citizens of Palmview, such as sewer and water capacity.

“It would not only pertain to a certificate, which allows us our water rights, but of course, our infrastructure,” Villarreal said. “If and when the time comes to purchase the water from Agua SUD as well.”

However, there are no current plans to purchase, as the study may take up to a year and a half to two years to complete.

“We want to show through the resolution that we want to continue to work together in exploring avenues for providing services [of] water and sewer to our citizens,” said Villarreal. “That’s where it’s at.”

The Progress Times contacted Agua SUD but did not receive comment on the joint resolution.

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